Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I Can Hear You Video

Lesson #1:  The music studio said to bring along samples of the kinds of music you would like to learn how to play.  So, I handed my guitar teacher, Isaac, my Carolyn Arends Feel Free songbook.  I was all cool like, "Hey, I like folkie rock and hymns, yo."  Isaac's all, "Right on.  Is she on YouTube?" "Dude," I acknowledged.

(See, I am getting the hipster musician-speak down already.  Am I a quick study, or what?  Or what.)

Lesson #2:  Says Isaac: So, I found her on YouTube and there was this song that I cannot remember the name of but I think the opening went something like this."  And he proceeded to play a very close approximation of the opening bars of "I Can Hear You."  Mouth agape, eyes wide, I wondered, how he could do that?

Music people are really amazing.  I totally agree with Thomas Sowell that the only people worth envying are those with natural musical ability -- y'know, those who can really play -- and those who can eat anything they want and not grow fat.  Amen and amen again, my brother.

Then, Isaac said, "That video was something else."  Ah yes.  YouTube.  Of course he would have seen the video.

The White Suit.  Never fails to make me smile.  I think that should the video for "I Can Hear You" be broadcast somehow on a jumbotron in Cairo, there would no longer be rioting in the streets of Egypt.  Only shining happy people holding hands and gazing with wonder upon the brilliance of the White Suit and Spencer's 'stache-that-melds-into-a-goatee thing.  And listening, of course, to a fabulous song.  OMGoodness, that video is tops!

"That suit," I proclaimed, "is destined for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you know."

"Man, it may already be there," Isaac returned.  Alright!

So, because it ought to be embedded into as many blog posts as possible, apropos of whatever the writer would like, here is a blast from the killer 1990's past, when Amy still loved Gary, Bubba was in the White House, e-mail was a novelty, and Carolyn totally got her groove on:

There are wee skips throughout this obviously ripped version, but it's still totally worth a look-see.  Enjoy!

Also from Lesson the Second:  Isaac: "Justine, your left-hand fingernails are really burning my ass."
Justine: "Isaac, they're gone!"*

*Not an exact transcript of the "you must trim your left-hand nails" decree.**
**A box of Tim Horton's for the first person who can tell me from what movie that above snippet of dialogue was parodied/paraphrased.