Thursday, August 23, 2012

Surgery Prayers, Please

Hi Carolyn Arends fans. Mark.D here, asking for your prayers. I am scheduled to have bilateral hip replacement surgery (that is, both hips) on Tuesday, 11 Sep 2012. I have a good surgeon, am going to a great hospital and am looking forward to being able to do some things I can't do any longer, post-surgery, of course. But your prayers for a safe and effective surgery will certainly also help! I hope to post frequently about the surgery at Thanks in advance . . . Mark


Mark.D said...

Thanks, all, for your prayers! I'm now home after surgery with everything having gone well!

Justine said...

Oh Mark! So glad you're recover(ed)(ing). I ought to check this blog more often!

Merry Christmas! May your 2013 be blessed with health and all other good things!