Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Story of Stories!

OK those of you who were Kickstarters on Carolyn's new album: Today is the day!  I am sure you have all been able to download your digital copy and listen to the whole shebang at least three times (as I have most certainly done). So, what do you think?

I, for one, am blown away. It's almost unreal how good this album is.  And I hate saying that, because I think it makes me seem to be just a sycophantic fan-girl, and I would like to think that I am really better than that. But, I have not heard a false note on this thing.  It is enchanting from start to finish -- and WHAT A FINISH!  Pitch perfect all the way.  How many more clichés can I pull out of my hat that have to do with music, huh?

I plan to write a full review soon -- hey, someone has got to win that lamp; why not your humble blog host?  I do want to hear what others are thinking -- anything from a full-on rockin' review to dashed-off first impressions.

Christmas came on October 1 this year.  I knew it seemed like it was getting earlier and earlier every year . . .

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vermonster said...

I will freely admit, there was a bit of a squeal of glee when I received the email (and frustration that I wasn't able to access the link until today...darn computer). I have loaded it to my ipod and shall revel in Christmas joy on my way North of the border tomorrow :).

I will gladly accept Christmas on Oct 1st this year!