Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Miss the Music

Seems like an age since I've been to an honest-to-goodness Carolyn Arends concert (December 2011, I think) (I don't count Barnabas) (I don't know why; I just don't).

Wonder if there are any new songs . . .

I can hardly wait until she is done with school.  But, will it ever be the same?  I'm not sure, because it seems like she's veered off onto a more speaker-for-hire-with-some-singing-thrown-in-ish path than a folky-rock star one.  That's cool, I guess.  But I miss the music.  Don't you?

In the words of Amy Grant, circa 1997:
Missing you is just a part of livin'
And missing you feels like a way of life
I'm livin' out the life that I've been given
But baby I still wish you would finish school already and get back to your life's work of answering Art with art - oooooooooo


By the way, I hope y'all appreciate the AWESOME graphic I used for this post.  It is so deep.  So very, very deep.


Mark.D said...

I've seen Carolyn some six times, but not in the recent past few years. Would love to have her come to church, but budgetary issues preclude that. I was thinking of traveling to New Jersey on Jul 28, but that's a stretch.

Oh, well, we still have CDs!

vermonster said...

I feel your pain, Justine! I haven't seen her since November 2010 :(

I'm happy and excited that she is persuing her degree and yes Mark, I've got plenty of cds but greatly miss the live music and banter.

Is this her final semester? Hoping we'll have a chance in the fall.

Justine said...

Hi vm and Mark!

I think she's supposed to be done with her program by the end of the summer.

So, let's all pray for some more concerts or new music starting in the Fall! I really miss seeing her and Spencer do their thing!